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Rainbow Waterfall


We have practised and developed all our workshops and residentials throughout 20 years of facilitation and community support. With 25 years of experience in community integration, and over a decade of supporting natural communities. We have offered seasonal practices of silent retreat sound medicine and Sunday community gatherings for 10 years. We believe in inclusivity, equity, sustainability, and co-creation, as well as a fair-trade ethos. We are constantly expanding and staying up to date with the latest practices, inspired by the natural world around us. Creating programs of practice for individuals and natural communities involves developing customized plans that cater to the unique needs of each community or facilitator. These programs may include practices such as meditation, silent retreat, sound healing, ecological building, renovating and coaching. It is important to us to provide guidance and support to community members in implementing these practices and to create forums for sharing knowledge and experiences and to support integration. This is done through workshops, residentials, day classes and advice forums. The goal is to foster a sense of connection, harmony, and sustainability within the we are nature project and the surrounding natural environment, with the hope to support groups and promote volunteering opportunities. We strive to cultivate a space of love and acceptance, where all are welcome to share their journey and receive the support they need to grow and thrive.

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